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Montag, 12. April 2021

The project objectives are:

-  To design and develop a training and knowledge platform for simulation training of young people with an aim to provide young family business entrepreneurs in the urban retail sector, the necessary skills, competences and knowledge to achieve a professional, advanced and excellent management to become leading, modern and established entrepreneurs,

- To design and develop advanced OER training material using gamification elements and based on learning outcomes design, conforming to ECVET principles, training material accessible through multiple devices, user friendly system allowing for cross-country collaboration and exchange of knowledge and skills. Highly interactive, the infrastructure and project activities will be dedicated to retail shop owners training them on subjects such as innovation management, social media marketing, international competition, identification of local and national markets, strategic business planning, transition management (information & awareness),

- To test and evaluate the impact of this learning approach in formal teaching and pedagogic methodologies for youth,

- Expert interviews, webinars, good practices and collaboration circles will be created for the enhancement of skills and testing of knowledge acquired,

- To validate the proposed approach as a means of learning and evaluate its impact on youth,

- To create a pedagogical methodology for training.

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